- Rock Hard   Erections
- Works In 20 - 40   Minutes
- No Prescription   Required
- May Be Taken   With Alchohol
- 100% Herbal   Capsules
- Last 5 Times   Longer In Bed
- Help Prevent   Premature   Ejaculation


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Whether You're Aging Or Just Like To Party, This 100% Natural Herbal Pill Will Surprise You And Your Lover


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Supplement Facts For Arize

Serving Size: 1-2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 10 Capsules Per Box

Radix Eurycoma Longifolia - 72mg**
Tribulus Terrestrius - 50mg**
Herba Epimedium - 40mg**
Herba Cistanches - 40mg**
Rhizoma Cucurma Longae - 40mg**
Fructus Saw Palmetto - 36mg**
Herbal Parsley - 28.50mg**
Panax Ginseng - 28.50mg**
Ashwagandha - 25mg**

No Sugar, No Arificial Flavor, No Artificial Colors, And Sodium Free
** Daily Value Not Established

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Unlike other products, Arize is safe for any adult even while drinking alcohol because it is 100% herbal

Arize will not only give you a powerfull erection and a more powerfull orgasm, but it will also increase your testosterone levels which in turn increases your libido!

Make every impression a lasting one with Arize. This formulation is specially designed for adults of all ages. Not only does Arize produce rock hard erections even if you are tired, aging, or impotent, but it is also designed for a younger sexually active generation that is looking to enhance pleasure to the fullest even while drinking alcohol.